February 2, 2019

Materials List for Travelling – Watercolour

February 2, 2019

Materials List for Travelling – Oil

April 26, 2018

Watercolor Travel Kit

Description of Watercolor Travel Kit video
January 24, 2018

Hook Lighthouse

The Hook Peninsula is a regular venue for the Wexford AITO (Art in the Open). I find that when I first arrive at a pre-arranged venue, I have eyes for the main item only. The Light house. And why not? It's an amazing eye-full. So that's exactly what I chose. I painted the lighthouse. At that stage, maybe 8.00 am, there was no one else about. No other painters I mean. So I had sunshine and peace.
October 30, 2017

Art in the Open, Wexford 2017

Wexford is a 3 hour drive from my hometown in the north of Ireland. It took me until mid-afternoon to arrive. By that stage there were dozens of artists set up and painting in the grounds of the first venue, a stately home. The weather was a bit overcast, so I decided to do a warm up quickie of a fellow painter. That was a good start to the week. I had a coffee, then did another 5 minute figure.
October 29, 2017

Languedoc 2017

I began with a careful drawing. But even a drawing such as this is in realty quite complex. The scene in front of me was a small town. But I had to restrict my drawing to a small portion of it.  Thats not easy. So as the painting progressed I began to get restless. The bottom half reflects this.