Urban watercolour sketching...life doesn't get much better.

Alicante, Portugal

We, my wife and I , had a smashing holiday in Alicante. Just a few days, but a it's a great city to visit.

We stayed in a B&B type hotel on Rambla Méndez Núñez. That was a more or less picked at random, but turned out to be a really good location. A stones throw from the old town and a short walk to the beach. The beach is incredible. It's right on the city doorstep. Good food. Reasonable prices...best I know of in Europe. 

Painting...well that's another story. Just a few sketches to show..
In truth this was not I painting trip, so I limited my sketching moments to a few snatched hours here and there. The old town was easily the best for subject mater.  I loved the casual chaos of local houses. The narrow streets meant that the best views were usually in shadow. So getting one in a good light was exhilarating. A few snaps enclosed. I'll maybe develop my doodles a bit more.
This is the indoor city market. Nice building.

This amazing tree was one of four enormous ancient cornerstones to the little park almost next door to our hotel. Beautiful, though I never did get around to painting it.

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