Art in The Open, Plein Air Festival, Wexford 2018.

Art in The Open, Plein Air Festival, Wexford 2018.

Oil Workshop. To sign up, register at

14.00- 16.00 Sunday 29 July 2018. Wexford Town. €30

Weather permitting we will be outside. En Plein Air. Yippee! If that is the case I may paint small. Say 10x12" on primed MDF. The whole idea is to have a quick blast of fun. So I don't get too carried away with trying to create a finished masterpiece on site. I'd rather leave a painting in sketchy format than overwork it. If it's going well I might do another. Thats how I usually work on site. Do a very small piece, say 10x8". That gets my eye in. At that stage I can see better potential subject matter. So I move on to painting number 2, a little bigger. It rare for me to paint bigger than 14x12" on site. Simply because bigger paintings become a struggle to finish within an hour. Can you take longer that an hour on site? I'd rather not if the sun is shining. If it's overcast...maybe 2 hours. At this stage I have no idea what subject matter will appeal to me. Maybe along the Quay?
It the weather is poor we will work indoors. Somewhere. Not sure where at this stage. I'll take a small plein air piece and enlarge it. Say take a 10x8'' and enlarge it to 16x24". I hate working from photographs. It's hard work. Occasionally I would use photos of people. I love working from plein air paintings. It's a joy.
Inevitably there will be boats if we are painting on the Quay. I don't see subjects as 'boats' or 'buildings' or 'trees' etc. All subject boil down to shapes, colours and tones. So don't worry if you have difficulty painting boats. We'll be painting shapes...'boat-like shapes'.


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