Portballintrae 3 Day Watercolour workshop.
12-14 June 2019. £150

Workshop Details

Basic Information

Arranged by, myself, Paul O'Kane
Email me at paul@paulokane.co.uk for any further details such as payment.
You can pay directly via Paypal using my email address.
3 days of tuition £150
Workshop limited to 8 students.
No accommodation included.
Mainly suited to watercolour painters but all media catered for.
You will need to bring your own materials. I've suggested a list in one of my blogs.


Detailed Itinerary

Meet in the car-park at 8.30am.
Begin at 9.00am with a plein air watercolour demonstration.
10.30am Coffee & biscuits at the camper van.
11.00am students paint. I give tips and assist individually.
1.00 Lunch. Your welcome to join me in the camper for a sandwich or skoot into Bushmills to a cafe.
2.00pm. Pick a new scene for a demo.
3.00-5.00 Students paint and I assist.
Each day will be have a similar format with variations, say urban sketching in Bushmills or dune sketching along the beach.
After 5.00pm, I will be painting in other media whether oil, acrylic, gouache or digital with an iPad.
I would be quite happy to demo in any of these media.

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