Umbria, Italy. 7 Nights. 3-8 June 2020 £985

Umbria, Italy. 7 Nights. 3-8 June 2020 £985

Workshop Details

Basic Information

‘Plein air’ in all mediums Hosted by Arte Umbria, Italy at Tenuta di Poggiolame, 05010 Montegabbione (TR)
The course venue is large private home within a beautiful private wooded estate. All rooms en-suite. A painters' retreat. Peaceful. Wonderful views. Subjects abounding. Large well stocked studio. All meals included.
I will be tutoring from 9.00am until 5.00pm daily. I am an experienced plein air painter and tutor in various mediums.
Students of any standard are very welcome.
See for venue details and costs. All arrangements to be made direct to
But feel free to contact me with any questions about the course tutoring or materials.
See the Blog section of my website for details of painting materials.


This is a suggested Itinerary. Students are free to go walking, shopping, swimming etc.
As tutor, I will be available daily as outlined below.
Tutor demonstrations will be in Watercolour or Oil as students prefer.

Tuesday 2 June Arrival and if in time, lunch. Settling in and meeting tutor and other guests
Aperitifs at 6.30pm in the free bar.
Dinner with wine at 7.30pm.

Day 1, Wednesday 3 June. Painting in the grounds
9.00am Breakfast
9.30am Begin with a half hour lesson:
Brush control. Water/paint content. 
Using the Wash/let it dry/calligraphy method. 
10.00am Morning demo in watercolour.
11.00am Students painting time with tutor guidance.
1.00pm Lunch

Think abstractly.
What makes a good watercolour?
Draw out the qualities of your paper and paint. 
Edges, lost and found. 
Fewer strokes, avoid fiddling to retain rich colour. 
2.30pm Afternoon demo:
3.00pm Student painting time with tutor guidance.

Aperitifs at 6.30pm followed by dinner at 7.30pm.

Day 2. Thursday 4th June.
We will visit a local pretty village for the morning until lunchtime and either return there or a new subject in the gardens.
Wine tasting tour with the Marquis at his castle at 6pm.

Know the colour wheel and use it to simplify your painting. 
Harmonies… Complementaries.
Colour combinations.
Using the Patchwork Quilt method. 
Edge to edge or vignette?
Urban sketching. 
Morning demo:

2.00pm. Begin with a series of thumbnails. Annotate each with a title to describe your feelings and what drew you to the subject. 
Afternoon demo:

Day 3Friday 5th June Local village and garden painting.

Composition. Know a few basis templates to simplify your painting.
Zoom in. Define the focal area.
The 80/20% method. 
Paint what you see, not what you know. 
Morning demo:
2.00pm Simplify: Paint shapes not things.
Avoid repeating shapes. 
Painting first, subject second. 
Afternoon demo:

Day 4 Saturday 6th June. Day excursion to Orvieto for sketching, painting or exploring this lovely city with its famous cathedral. Lunch at your own expense.
Aperitifs at 6.30pm followed by dinner out at a local Pizza restaurant.

Include people. 
Learn how to capture/simplify pedestrians.
Morning demo:
2.00pm Tone. Lighten up. 
Plan your whites. 
Layering. Know which colours are transparent or opaque. 
Afternoon demo:

Day 5. Sunday 7th June... as Wednesday

It’s not what you paint, it’s how you paint it.
Use your camera on site to simplify a subject. 
Morning demo:
2.00pm Simplifying perspective. 
Aerial perspective
Afternoon demo:

Day 6 Monday 8 June. After breakfast a trip to Lake Trasimeno for the day and lunch out at your own expense..

Finishing off your paintings and a Critique in the early evening with Prosecco.

Using opaques. 
Gouache techniques. 
Pen & wash. 
Accents, mid-tones, highlights. 
Morning demo:

2.00pm Paint intuitively, from the gut, not the head.
You are an artist, not an illustrator. 
Afternoon demo:

Day 7 Tuesday 9 June. Last dinner out at another restaurant.

Wednesday 7 June. Departure after breakfast according to your travel timetable.

All events subject to weather, course subject and availability.
Between finishing painting and dinner, there is plenty of time to relax - stroll along one of the many trails on the estate, perhaps resting under a pergola sipping wine, or take a (further) dip in the swimming pool overlooking the valley.... Or you can simply carry on painting !


A plain air watercolour demo.
Pick a simple subject...a bench.

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